Bug Fixes - 21.0.42 - Released 19 February 2024

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11869037 - Update Shipping Interface To Run Periodically Instead Of At The End Of Day
Shipping Interface was originally built for the UPS Worldship and FedEx Ship Manager to export all tracking number data at the end of day. This enhancement allows the tracking information to be exported throughout the day in order to increase shipment visibility.
11870358 - Sage Connector Adding Tax Rates Together When There is a Taxable Freight Record Checked on the Tax Code
Updates the Sage connector sub-system to ignore tax rates from tax classes NT (Nontaxable) and TF (Tax Freight) when downloading tax codes from Sage 100. If the TF (Tax Freight) class has a non-zero tax rate, then we set the Tax Freight flag. In addition, we check to see if the TF tax rate is non-zero and doesn't match the tax rate of TX (Taxable) and other custom classes and log that there is a problem since we don't support that. This further adds Order.Tax Schedule to the Service Pro Order upload, and updates the Service Pro Connector to update the following values on the Tax Code:
  • Miscellaneous_PTD
  • Sales_PTD
  • Taxes_PTD
  • Miscellaneous_YTD
  • Sales_YTD
  • Taxes_YTD
  • Tax Tax Flag
  • Tax Freight Flag
  • Tax Miscellaneous Flag
11870445 - Pickup Type On UPS API Call Raising Freight Price
Removing the Pickup Type code on our API fixed this.
11871217 - Customer Service Order View Showing Incorrect Field For Tracking Number Freight
Two issues fixed in this branch:
  • Total Charge on the Record Shipment functionality was being saved to the Total_Cost field on the AR Shipping Transaction File table. Inexplicably, this field is actually where we store Declared Value. This screen was fixed to save it to the correct field, Cost on that same table.
  • The tracking number section on the Customer Service Order view was displaying the Total_Cost field from the AR Shipping Transaction File table as if it was the freight amount. This column was renamed Freight on the Customer Service Order view and now displays the Ship_Cost field.
11871836 - Default Customer Type Setting Ignored
In site settings under Customer Defaults, there is an option to set Customer Type that will be set for new customers; the system was not honoring that.
11872155 - Quick Cart Availability Is Controlled By Return Locations But It Isn't Always Obvious Why A Location Isn't Being Used
Improved logging for why a specific location is being used when asking for quantity available through GraphQL.
11872270 - Cart Returning Incorrect ATP And Logging Not Giving Explanation
When using the quick cart with ATP functionality unhidden, one date was provided. When this item is added to the regular cart for checkout, a different date (five days later) was shown and there was nothing in logging to explain why this date is different. This boiled down to one location calculating when it could ship, and the other calculating when the customer would receive the item.