New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11858421 - Add Support For Sage 100 Batch Entry Being Enabled For Deposits
This makes several changes with how we handle this process with regard to Sage 100 sub-connector system. Our previous code allowed deposits to be processed, but did not anticipate the batch entry functionality being enabled on Sage, which caused no small amount of trouble when it did. This resolves that.
11860377 - Add Support for Shopify Variant items
Prior to this enhancement, we did not support this functionality with the Shopify Connector. This enhancement adds support for uploading variant data to items that already exist on Shopify. For this to work you must manually create an Item linkage with the appropriate values. See Special Instructions: Using Variant Items With Shopify for further information.
11862259 - Implementation of the Dynamic Image Optimization (DIO) System
This adds auto-sizing support to Ecommerce and is one of the reasons for the point release as it requires an update to the website install process, specifically the installation of ImageMagick on the webserver. In site settings, you establish a default width and height for Small, Medium and Large images; all such images will be resized accordingly as webp formatting. This does nothing to the actual original image; the webp images are the only ones actually affected. See here for further documentation.
11864406 - Sage Connector Slow To Move Items
Significantly changed how we upload Items, Sales Orders, and Invoices while using the Sage 100 sub-connector system.
  • Fixed an issue with how default values (ie. g/l accounts, tax schedules, countries, etc.) are downloaded and the connector settings are validated to remove the item master being downloaded twice
  • Fixed an error in the item extended description lookup that was causing too much data to be returned.
  • Updated the Sage 100 connector to use the BirdDog Greatest Seen Time change tracking system per table. This will have the effect of keeping an error in one table from causing all other tables to be downloaded on the next run
11864934 - Added New Event: GuestOrderDownloadGetCustomerNo
This event adds the ability to assign different guest customer numbers to guest orders.
11865830 - Broken Cus_No Formatting When Division Number is Missing on Customer Created Outside of Sage
This changes our handling of Sage 100 customers. Prior to this build, you always saw the division and the customer number had a maximum size of 23 (##-####################) as that was a default system settings used. However, this isn't always the case in Sage 100 and the formatting is controlled by two A/R settings at Sage 100 | Accounts Receivable | Setup | Accounts Receivable Options | Main. There can be found two options, one for Accounts Receivable Divisions, which has two sub-options of Disable (where Divisions aren't present at all) and Enabled (where they are), and Allow Entry of Expanded Customer Numbers, which also has two sub-options of Disabled (where customer numbers have a max length of 7) and Enabled (where customer numbers have a max length of 20). With this update, if you don't have Allow Entry of Expanded Customer Numbers enabled, we will drop the cus_no max field length to 10 (##-#######). Additionally, if you don't have Accounts Receivable Divisions enabled, then the system will display customer numbers without the leading division. We will continue to record them in the database with the division. All of this is to bring us more in line with the way Sage 100 works.
11866858 - Add Support For Webcategory Grid Fields
Add a new webcategory property named grid fields on the fields tab. This field will allow for page layouts where the user can control what item fields display in the gird. Also created a default grid field data based upon the first item in the webcategory using any non-blank fields.
11868271 - Create Customer And Order Property Triggers For Order Rules
Before this enhancement, we had a handful of individual triggers for a few customer and sales order fields. This enhancement creates a Customer and Order Property trigger that supports all properties. The old triggers are left for backward compatibility but will be removed in future versions.
11868872 - Update Capture Posted Invoice Job
This changes the service data format on the Capture Posted Invoices job by altering the Starting Date from a "look back" date to an "add days to today" date format, the net result of that being if you want to go back a week, you use -7 not 7. Such a change is one of the reasons for point release. While making this change, we also updated this process to use our worker process system so it now supports adding an Email to notify and a verbosity setting.