Bug Fixes - 22.0.43 - Released 19 February 2024

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11855646 - Add Warehouse Name and Warehouse Description to Synced Fields
Improved information that is pushed up using our Service Pro connector.
11866836 - Require Password Change/Password Reset Feature Doesn't Handle Encrypted Passwords Correctly
After a user is prompted to change their password upon first login attempt, the user was not able to commit password change and unable to login entirely. This is actually an old issue as passwords in BirdDog have been encrypted for ages, but we simply had not encountered it in the wild until recently.
11867439 - Allow Item And Customer Edit Without A Specific License
Removes licensing requirements from adding/editing customers/items.
11871633 - Configure One Greatest Seen Times Table Not Updating
One of our tables was not updating with a Configure One connector, which was causing problems with order downloads. This resolves that issue.
11872292 - Invalid Column Name ParentID When Posting
An old project long since phased out created a table named BDOrderAppointments to store Service Pro order appointment information. Because the code has been removed no new databases have this table. However, databases that have been running BirdDog long enough do have this table since the creation was removed but the table was not dropped. When we implemented Service Pro Exchange, a table with this same name was created with a different schema. This has been working fine against all of the newer databases we've run it against. When this code is run against an older database, the code sees that the table exists and moves on. This update fixes it to see that it is the old table, drop it, and then recreate it with the new schema. For customers who attempted to post invoices before this fix was applied and received the ParentID error, there is also a data cleanup script that has to be run because the post process seems to have posted everything correctly and failed at the point where it was removing the open order records.