New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11860377 - Add Support for Shopify Variant items
Prior to this enhancement, we did not support this functionality with the Shopify Connector. This enhancement adds support for uploading variant data to items that already exist on Shopify. For this to work you must manually create an Item linkage with the appropriate values. See Special Instructions: Using Variant Items With Shopify for further information.
11862334 - Service Pro Exchange Enhancements
Major enhancements made to the Service Pro Exchange system, which resulted in general Service Pro Connector enhancements as well. This was the primary reason for the point increase simply due to the size of this project and the sheer number of upgrades to this particular connector sub-system. These include:
  • New Tables to better support integration. These tables allow us to emulate the following Service Pro functionalities: Employees, Equipment, Divisions, Regions, and Order Reasons.
  • New properties on existing objects or previously existing properties now part of the Service Pro connector and/or the related import. These properties include:
    • Customer. The following properties were added to this object: Attention, External Number, Division, IsActive, IsDeleted, and Notes.
    • ShipTo. The following properties were added to this object: Cell Phone, Contact Name, External Number, Fax, IsActive, IsDeleted, Latitude, Longitude, Notes, OnHold, and SiteCreditHoldOverride.
    • Inventory. The following properties were added to this object: Cost, Default Manufacturer Name, External Number, IsActive, IsDeleted, Notes, Search Name, and Unit of Measure.
    • Warehouse. The following properties were added to this object: External Number, IsActive, IsVan, Name, and Notes.
    • Inventory Warehouse. The following property was added to this object: Notes.
    • Order. The following properties were added to this object: Description, Dispatch Note, Division, Equipment Number, Invoice Note/Resolution, Name on order, Phone on order, ReasonCode, and Regions.
    • Order Lines. The following properties were adjusted to this object: ActualTime.EndDate and ActualTime.StartDate were handled with a line custom field; CreatedDateTime and CreatedUserID were added; and RepairItem.EquipmentNumber is Equipment Code on the order header.
  • New and Enhanced Imports. The following were added to better add, update and manage data between the unsupported ERP and Service Pro: Employee, Equipment, Warehouses. We also made some adjustments to existing imports to reflect the above properties, specifically: Customers, Items, Item Locations, Sales Orders, and ShipTos.
  • Employee and Equipment uploads were also added to the end-of-run connector message.
  • Because of so many changes, we also conducted major updates to the How It Works page for the Service Pro Connector. Existing customers using the Service Pro connector will want to consult the Upgrade Notes page.
  • Finally, due to the enhancements made in this project, we also revised the look of the System Management page on the web to relocate certain functionality to make better sense. Anything previously on the System Management page is still there; it may simply have been moved.
11865140 - Create Configure One Connector
Added support for Configure One connector. This is a level 1 integration.
11866759 - Update Imports To Handle Multiline Data
All imports that have columns that support multiline data (i.e. comments, notes, item/webcategory long description, etc.) will now support properly formatted CSVs with multiline data. UPGRADE NOTES: This breaks some backward compatibility with older imports. In our original imports, the instructions were on the column name line (i.e. Taxable (Y|N). While our current import process does not show this in the example (this information was moved to other rows in the sample file), it would still support it being there. This update removes that support; column names will need to match the example file exactly.
11868733 - Add Ship To Columns to Sales Analysis Reports
Updated the three Sales Analysis reports on Enterprise with Ship To Name, City, State, and Zip Code.