New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11860195 - Write Freight to the Sage 100 Sales Order
This adds support for upload Sales Order.Freight to Sage 100. Prior to this we were downloading it from Sage 100. Note: for this to work, Sage 100 must be configured correctly by going to Sage 100 | Sales Order | Setup | Sales Order Options | Entry | Use Shipping Code to Calculate Freight and selecting No. If Sage 100 is configured to use a different option, it will disregard any freight amount we upload.
11868550 - Run Connector Job Won't Restart When Prematurely Ended
While technically a bug fix, the underlying code fix was sufficiently complicated that we consider this a new feature. Job Master now thinks in terms of Jobs instead of Job Types. The run logic now makes a list of all jobs that should run, puts them in a list of jobs to run, and then loops through the list. Before running each job, it validates that it should still run (because now another process could have ran it), sets the last run time, and then starts the job. With the addition of the processID in BDServices, Job Master can now check that a process is running BD jobs and, if it is not, mark it ended. This update has schema updates to our Services Tracking table, which caused the version point increase.
11869552 - Add Ordered By Fields To Sales Order Import
This moves the order by fields from BDCarts to BDOrderSupport when viewing sales orders and invoices from Customer Service (previously they were pulled from the cart even after the order was placed). This requires a data conversion - see this link for additional information.
11869703 - Add Tag Support
This updates and makes more generic the work started in 11862080 Create Tagged Categories and Items Page Layout which was released in 20.1.49. Changes made are:
  • Added Tags to webcategory and item editor
  • Updated Categories39 to use standard tags property unless overwritten by on-page customizations
  • Updated Categories39 to allow data to come from URL
  • Update web category and item import with tags
  • Added default tag display to ItemForm.aspx and Categories.aspx
11871443 - Change Tracking Doesn't Handle Multiple Records In Order Support Audit Table For A Single Order
While normally there is only one audit record in BD_Audit_BDOrderSupport, there are scenarios involving deletes and re-adds of the same order number that can create multiple records. This fix handles those scenarios correctly.
11871787 - Add Timeout Setting For Long Running SQL Queries
Once any process has used SQL change tracking, there will be a new setting created named SQLTimeoutLong with a default value of 300 (seconds, so 5 minutes). This value can be edited to change the value used.
11872362 - Add Serial/Lot Flag and ES User Defined Field 6-7 to Item Import
The imitmidx_sql user_fld_6 and user_fld_7 fields only exist in ES. To keep the item import consistent between engine types, we added these fields to the BD Items table for Macola Pro and BirdDog Engine databases. This caused a minor schema change and is one of the reasons for the point release.