Upgrade Notes


11869552 adds a field to the sales order import. This build will automatically update the schema so nothing will be needed. However, if you are working on an environment with a staging site while production is on an older version, the older version will continue to write/update data in the wrong place. Once staging is taken live, you will need to manually run the data conversion again:

update BDOrderSupport
set Ordered_ByID=c.Ordered_ByID
from BDCarts c
join BDOrderSupport os on os.Ord_Type=c.OrdType and os.Ord_No=c.OrdNo
where c.Ordered_ByID<>'00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
or isnull(c.Ordered_ByName,'')<>''
or isnull(c.Ordered_ByPhone,'')<>''
or isnull(c.Ordered_ByPhoneExt,'')<>''