Bug Fixes - 23.1.23 - Released 27 April 2024

This build has the following bug fixes implemented:
11861630 - Support Using Tax Schedules in AvaTax
We have supported tax codes in AvaTax for ages, operating on the presumption that since Avalara handles all of that, we didn't need to worry about tax schedules. This adds tax schedule support.
11867614 - Update Customer Portal License
Made a number of alterations to this license.
  • It now includes Website and Intranet builder when purchased.
  • Added customer and item edit to the System Management page and don't require anything but an Enterprise Named User license to use.
  • Removed support for Order Cancellation Reason.
11873129 - HTML Showing Up In Search Results
The search page displays a snipped version of a page's Long Description, and was erroneously displaying fragments of HTML on that page when it was not supposed to.
11873848 - Connector Notification Email Field Not Handling 100+ Characters
Observed in the ServicePro Connector, but ultimately affects all connectors. While it appeared that exceeding the 100 character limit in the Notification Email field on a connector was the problem, the actual issue was that the system wasn't supporting a list of emails at all, instead seeing the string as a single email address. In addition to resolving that, we also increased the connector account notification field to 4,000 characters. If you need more than that, you should really consider creating an alias for all of those addresses in your email server.
11873903 - Error When Entering Cash Receipts
An ugly error was happening when attempting to add a cash receipt using Enterprise. The root cause turned out to be the customer search not returning correct data and the cash receipt dialog was not handling a customer number being blank.
11874342 - BRAIN Campaign Include/Exclude Groups Not Working Correctly When On The Same Contact
If an organization had both of these groups when a campaign was generated, the organization was correctly being left out of the list due to Exclude; any contacts under that organization, however, were still included.
11874541 - Removed Support For Order Cancellation Reason
Prior to this build, when you were deleting an existing customer order or quote in Customer Service, you were required to select a reason for this delete, which added an extra few steps to the process. Due to frequent request, we have removed that functionality.
11874870 - Importing Inspection Item Overwriting Hierarchy And Changing Published Status
When you try and import an Inspection item to ServicePro, it overwrote the inspection heirarchy and changed the published status.
11875448 - Order Entry Not Displaying Freight Errors Correctly
When trying to rate freight from inventory locations that did not have actual addresses, the order entry system was returning a confusing and less than helpful error. Now it states: "Ship From information incomplete, Location {Location Code} most likely missing address information, instead you receive Ship Via {Ship Via Code} not yet rated."