Bug Fixes - 24.0.38 - Released 27 April 2024

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11867901 - Order ShipVia Not Syncing From BirdDog to Service Pro
When changing the ShipVia on an order and syncing it back up to Service Pro, the change wasn't syncing properly, and the original value in Service Pro synced back down to BirdDog and overwrote the change.
11871910 - Order Lines Not Going Up To Service Pro
An order imported into BirdDog without lines was syncing up to Service Pro correctly, but while a subsequent import was correctly adding the line item data to the BirdDog order, the connector was not pushing that data up to Service Pro. Worse, there was no logging explaining why. We fixed both issues.
11872495 - Serial Number On Equipment Import Not Showing In SvcPro
Equipment imported into a Service Pro Connector system with a serial number populated on the CSV did not have that SN anywhere in Service Pro.
11872919 - Changing Customer Data On Infor Is Not Coming Down To ERP Via Connector
Our connector was monitoring the wrong RecordDate field in Infor Syteline which resulted in changes to a customer there was not being brought down.
11872965 - Increase Production Order.cus_name To Match Length Of Oeordhdr_sql.bill_to_name
Customer name had been extended for the BirdDog engine but this property was originally missed. This ended up being a bigger deal and quite a few enhancements were made to handling field lengths throughout the order system.
11873728 - Import Sales Order From Directory Job EmailTo Field
The Import Sales Order from Directory Job only had one EmailTo field which prevents users from sending Import Sales Order emails to an large number of emails like other jobs do.
11873851 - Location Description Exceeding 50 Characters Cannot Go Into Service Pro
It is possible to import a warehouse into BirdDog system with a description that exceeds 50-characters which Service Pro cannot handle. Now, the system will automatically cut the location description in BD down to fifty-characters so it can be successfully uploaded.
11874745 - Enterprise For Windows Schema Revisions Don't Always Execute When They Should
During the initial setup of various connetor account, Enterprise for Windows provisions the database to match certain fields according to the environment we are talking to. Some code was missed that caused schema revisions not to execute when they should. We also added additional logging to the startup process to make schema issues easier to diagnose.
11874972 - ATP Doesn't Handle Production Order Processing Not Being Enabled
Certain "available-to-promise" (ATP) scenarios blew up attempting to read from the Production Order File when that module wasn't enabled and the tables didn't exist. This was happening even if the order did not have any manufactured items on it.