New Features

This branch has the following features implemented:
11850072 - Implement Stripe
With this build, we support the Stripe payment gateway for Ecommerce checkout.
11859122 - Add Field Support To Ship To UI
This added support in BirdDog for a Ship-To field.
11860911 - Quote Sync For Customer To Approve And Pay For On Website
BirdDog Ecommerce has functionality that allows for a customer service rep to create a quote for a customer, email them a link to a custom quote page (see example here), and then check out with the normal Ecommerce shopping cart process. This enhancement adds a new site setting (Site Settings | Ecommerce | My Account | Allow Quote View) that allows a logged in user to see all of their open quotes from their My Account page. Additionally, this hides open quotes from Order History.
11860950 - End of Month Automation
This functionality mimics Macola | Order Entry | Processes | Clear Accumulators. Currently, this process only supports configurations with 12 periods and fiscal year matches the calendar year. This increases column lengths in Sales History File which is one of the reasons for the point release.
11868359 - Add Custom Field Support to Sales Order Headers To Infor Syteline
As noted, this is for Infor Syteline but the support is implemented a bit differently than other ERP connectors. With Infor Syteline, if you create a sales order header BirdDog field, then that custom field must exist in Syteline. If it doesn't, you'll get errors on upload.
11863970 - Create E-Automate Dealer Gateway Integration
This enhances the previously released E-Automate Connector to support uploading customers, items, and prices.
11868437 - Use Next Order Number From Infor
This updates the Infor Syteline connector to have 10-character sales order numers and to pull the next order number from Syteline for Ecommerce orders. As a result, a newly generated Ecommerce order will automatically create the appropriate order header in Infor, though order lines will not be populated there until the connector is run. Note that this functionality currently only works for Ecommerce orders.
11868491 - Create Big Commerce Connector
BirdDog now supports the Big Commerce platform.
11869041 - Create 1 EDI Connector
BirdDog now supports the 1 EDI platform
11872089 - Add Order Number To Order Line Import Messages In Logging And Email Reports
This enhances all imports, import from drectory jobs, and the sales order integrator in a few ways:
  • If something goes wrong on the import of an order header, and the order number was provided on the import file, the message in logging includes the order number of the order that failed to import.
  • If something goes wrong during the import of an order line, the message in logging includes the order number of the order that the user was trying to import the line to.
  • The user is also able to see this message on the email they receive when a Sales Order Import is completed.
11872094 - Add File Name To The Import Job Start Message In Logging
Similar to 11872089 above. This enhances all import from directory jobs by now including the name of the CSV that was used. This is principally intended for troubleshooting purposes as it allows you to more easily identify what actually went wrong.
11872527 - Convert BOM Import To Latest Format And Add Directory Import
As indicated by the title, this projected updated the Bill-Of-Material import to the new format while also adding an import from directory version of that job. This was one of the reasons for the point-release.
11873013 - External Number Order Import Enhancement
This project made a number of enhancements to the Service Pro Connector:
  • Schema Changes (this is one of the reasons for the point increase):
    • Order Header: Add ExternalNumber as a 250-character string field as a unique field
    • Order Line: Add ExternalNumber as a 250-character string field as a part of a unique key with Order Number
  • Sales Order Import
    • Added new import fields: Order External Number and Line External Number
    • Updated the order lookup process: If Order Number is not supplied and Order External Number is supplied, then we attempt to load an existing order with Order External Number
    • Updated the order line lookup process: (1) If Order Number or External Number is supplied and exists, Line Number is not supplied or does not exist, and Line External Number is supplied and exists then update that line; (2) If Order Number and External Number are not supplied and Line External Number is supplied, then we attempt to load an existing order line with that Line External Number but if this lookup returns more than 1 order line, we do not import the line and instead report an error
  • ServicePro Connector Changes:
    • Order Header - Sync ExternalNumber both ways
    • Order Line - Sync ExternalNumber both ways
11873090 - Add CheckOut Order Processing and Order Processed Events
Added two new Events:
  • CheckOut_OrderProcessing - Called when the cart to order process has begun
  • CheckOut_OrderProcessed - Called when the cart to order process has completed
11873658 - Add Parent Incident Parameter To Timeslip Analysis Report
Added the ability to limit returned timesheets under a project number when using the BRAIN report.
11873987 - Add Ability To Run A Filtered Set Of Connectors
This has some handy functionality and cleanup of the job editor in Enterprise for Windows.
  • The Run Connectors job runs all enabled jobs. There are scenarios where you want to run different connectors on separate schedules, so we added parameters to the Run Connector job that enables filtering by ID, Type, or Description.
  • Changed the "Error running Connector" message to "Connector account is not enabled" when the connector account is not enabled.
11874311 - Add Support To BRAIN Campaigns To Create Contact Lists Without Emailing
On the BRAIN | Setup | Campaigns page, the Send Email checkbox has been added. When unchecked, the task with the email is successfully created, but no email is sent. This allows you to use the campaign system to generate an email campaign but utilize another system to deliver the email.
11874494 - Add Severity Explanation To Log Viewer Page
The help icon for the severity dropdown list on the Enterprise Log View was not very helpful. Now it is.
11874499 - Add Support To The Sage 100 Connector For Syncing Quotes And Converting Quotes To Orders
Prior to this enhancement, the BirdDog Software Sage 100 Connector supported 2-way sync on sales orders but ignored quotes. This enhancement adds support for downloading quotes and handling the quote-to-order process in either Sage 100 or BirdDog. With this enhancement, Sage 100 Ecommerce customers can now use the custom quote functionality that was enhanced in 11860911 above.
11874503 - Enhance Enterprise For Windows Jobs List
There are several enhancements on this form:
  • Prior to this update, the Jobs list in Enterprise for Windows defaulted to showing all jobs, whether on hold or active. This changes that to automatically hide on-hold jobs which is useful if you have a significant number of on-hold jobs in your system.
  • Updated the jobs form to not have a save button but to save jobs as we add/edit/delete; previously, you had to click Save in two different spots for it to actually save and users frequently would click Save once, but not a second time and thus be confused why the job wasn't saved.
  • Added the service data parameter list to the EntWin job editor.
11874504 - Enhance Maintain Queries Form In Enterprise for Windows
Added a Copy ID to Clipboard button to the Processes | Query | Maintain Queries form.
11874552 - Sage 100 Ship To UDF Support And Events
Connected to 11859122 above, this project improved Sage 100 connector functionality in the following ways:
  • Ship To user-defined field to BD field support (2-way). The instructions noted here will need to be followed.
  • Added a New Sales Order Line Before Save event.
  • Added Sales Order Line Before Save event.
  • Added Update Sales Order Line Before Save event.
11874554 - Ship-To UDF Support For Service Pro
Connected to 11859122 above, this project improved Service Pro connector functionality in the following ways:
  • Ship To user-defined field to BirdDog field support (2-way).
  • Customer user-defined field to BirdDog field support (download; we already supported the upload part.)
11874555 - New System Events
And the last of the projects connected to 11859122 above, this project added the Sales Order Line Before Save event system-wide.
11874619 - Type-Ahead Search Ahead Enhancements
This updates all type-ahead searches to use a faster, more focused query than the standard site search. This adds the option Include in Type-Ahead Search to the Field Definition screen, which is one of the reasons for the release. Now, item type-ahead searches will search the item number, short description, web category description, and web category page title, along with any item/web category fields where Include in Type-Ahead Search is selected.
11874984 - Add Ship Date to Customer Service Order/Invoice View
In Order Entry, you can set the ship date by setting the Default Promise Date to a specific day. If you set it, on the Order or Invoice, that date will show. If you do not set the Default Promise Date, the system will display ASAP on Order and Invoice.
11874986 - Add Project To Order Search
Our Order (or Invoice) search now looks for Customer Service | Order Entry | Additional Information | Project Code. Project Code has also been added to Order and Invoice views. Currently, the project code has to already exist and you have to create it in Macola, but we have plans to improve that in future builds.