Bug Fixes - Version 12.1.78 - Released 15 September 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented:
11829527 - Getting Coupon-Based Message on CusSvc Order Entry Even on Non-Coupon Orders
When adding a line item to Customer Service | Order Entry, the following message appeared: Your Quantity Was Changed From 1 To 1 Because The Item Is A Coupon. But the item wasn't a coupon.
11840776 - Item Permission Issue Conflicting with Web Cache
This was a very unusual edge case based upon the current users roles on a site causing a web page to display items incorrectly in certain circumstances.
11842237 - Errors During Freight Rating
This fixes a bug introduced by 11840086, which was introduced in 12.1.68 (see further below) to resolve a customer currency symbol not being used. Essentially, that enhancement did not check to verify that Currency Manager was enabled, which was causing some errors for Macola Progression systems that did not have it turned on.
11841339 - Order Cancelled Manually on ShippingEasy Can't Be Re-Uploaded
If an order is removed on the ShippingEasy side, prior to this build, there was no way to push the local order back up. Now, if you remove it on ShippingEasy and change the local order in your ERP, the connector will push it back up to ShippingEasy as O-[OrderNumber]-REV1.
11842342 - Update FedEx Tracking URLs
As of 29 July, 2021, legacy tracking URLs with FedEx were retired and no longer redirect to the current tracking URLs. This build updates our software to use those new URLs.